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Project Description

Angus and Robertson

The Client

The story of Angus & Robertson and Bookworld is part thriller, part love story and the fusion of two different brands with a common love of books.

Angus & Robertson, which has been a major player in the Australian book industry for over 100 years, was the brainchild of two migrant Scotsmen back in the days when Australia was a collection of colonies. Bookworld.com.au was launched in 2012 and soon had a host of awards to its credit and a strong following thanks to its loyalty program. In October 2015, Angus & Robertson merged with sister company Bookworld to form Angus & Robertson Bookworld. Now, as one brand, we are committed to continuing our long heritage of excellence in bookselling into the 21st Century.

Find out more here at: https://www.angusrobertson.com.au/

Project Brief

Whytehall completed fit-out at two sites from the stage of an empty shell to fully trading store. This included the erection of full-height, frame less glass shopfronts, with Two Pak painted bulkheads and columns.

New plasterboard ceilings and fire sprinkler systems were installed and mechanical works undertaken. Specially designed section locator bulkheads were constructed and client-procured wall shelving and island modules were assembled and installed on-site by Whytehall.

Finally, the application of graphics and signage elements was coordinated by Whytehall.

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