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Whytehall are specialists in the fit out and construction of any modern office, retail or business space.

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Industries Served


Eating out is an Australian tradition and in an industry where we are spoiled for choice one of the easiest methods of standing out from the crowd is providing a unique and memorable dining experience.

Creating the right atmosphere for patrons is just as important as having fresh and great tasting ingredients. It is often said in food circles that you eat with your eyes so the first impression of your dining establishment should be one that invites and entices the customer and creates a lasting memory.

Banking and Finance

Trust, security and confidence are all attributes we associate with successful financial institutions and the look and feel of a branch or office goes a long way to communicating this.

The finance industry is adopting an open plan style of store that showcases the latest innovations in technology and service and getting this right can be the deciding choice for many consumers in their choice of financial provider.


With the increase in customers purchasing more and more items over the Internet creating a unique shopping experience in store has become the focus for many brands and stores.

Understanding how to maximize floor space while directing customers to specific products or displays while still allowing a consumer to explore at their leisure takes planning and experience. The quality of the fit out is also import for brands that place their product or service at a premium.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Visiting a doctor or dentist would not normally be considered fun or enjoyable. Having an aesthetically pleasing environment for your practise or business can have benefits above and beyond just looking good.

Designing a functional yet pleasing suite of rooms or service space takes practical experience in delivering consistently high standards of craftsmanship and advice.


Specialized projects that require custom elements and details are often the most challenging and rewarding work to undertake.

Providing a full service experience from design and planning to building and construction, the same teams works on your project the whole way through.

Our Services

Dolce & Gabanna Quality Fit Out

Quality Fit outs

Every aspect of a project is given the same focus and attention to detail no matter how small so our clients know their brands are in safe hands

Whytehall Construction

Construction Projects

Our factory is resourced locally with the staff and equipment to complete all aspects of a project so the same team work on every job from start to finish

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